Another Snake Knows the Value of Shades

We mustache you a question. Do you think that it’s time to ‘stache your shades? This snake certainly doesn’t think so!

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently located a “hipster snake” – complete with sunglasses and mustache markings, reports the Houston Chronicle. This particular snake even has a cute little mustache! Remember our last post about snakes? It seems like these reptiles got the memo about sunglasses!


While Halloween has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it doesn’t mean it’s time to stash your shades! Just like this hipster snake, you should be wearing your shades year round!

Flag football games are a common pastime and Thanksgiving tradition for many families. These games are also the perfect time to wear sunglasses! Playing on the lawn means you’ll be out in the bright autumn sun, and to keep your eyes safe – and your eye on the ball – you should wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Wearing sunglasses during these types of friendly games gives you confidence and protection, and there’s nothing better than that!

Sunglasses also help to reduce glare, whether you travels take you to destinations with snow on the ground or you’re driving and have reflections from other vehicles to contend with. Having polarized lenses offers you an extra bit of protection and can help keep the light of the sun bouncing off of cars or snow from causing you damage when driving from point A to B.

Autumn also means that there are leaves and other debris on the ground. With just one gust of wind or a bit of childish roughhousing, these foreign elements can find their way to your eyes. These dust and dirt particles can fly into your eye and cause a lot of discomfort. Some it can even contain dangerous bacteria that could lead to an infection or you could scratch your retina from a dust particle. By wearing you shades, you can help to shield your eyes – not just from the sun’s rays, but also the environment. They’re both stylish and functional!

No matter the season, sunglasses offer protection from the sun and elements all year round, and our stylish shades will make your son or daughter as hip as the hipster snake. Shop through our full selection online now or give us a call today at 800-283-1106 to learn more.