Advantages of Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses When our kids are out in the sun, we do what we can to protect them from the sun and that includes having them wear sunglasses. At Real Kids Shades, we use patented P2 lens technology in our lenses that offers extra benefits for your child’s vision, as well.

P2 lenses combine together polycarbonate lens construction with polarized lenses, providing two benefits in one. You may have heard of polarized glasses before, but do you know what benefits they offer the wearer?

One primary benefit of polarized lenses is that they reduce and even eliminate glare from reaching the eyes. This means, for example, if your child were to be riding along in the car, their eyes won’t be affected by a car driving by that is reflecting the sun’s brightness, notes All About Vision. These glares can leave spots in vision and even temporarily impair their sight. Unlike standard sunglasses, a polarized lens uses a special filter that blocks this intense light and protects vision.

Polarized lenses are also helpful if you have a boat that you take your young ones out on. That’s because the way that light reflects off is exactly the same effect as sun reflecting off the water’s surface. You don’t want your child’s to be squinting all day and a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses would help them see what lies ahead on the open water or, in especially clear water, even see the fish swimming below.

With normal sunglasses, you can still see everything around you, but with a darker tint. Sometimes that can make things too dark, especially in low light, which can force you to strain your eyes to see where you’re looking. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are designed to enhance contrast, meaning you won’t have to strain your eyes and things will look more like they would if you weren’t wearing sunglasses.

If you’re interested in getting your kids sunglasses with polarized lenses, Real Kids Shades has you covered. We offer polarized lenses as part of the shatterproof P2 lens – a perfect choice for young kids! Shop our P2 collection online now, or call us today at 800-283-1106 to learn more.