6th Annual Eyes on Capitol Hill Call-In

Eyes on Capitol HillToday the nation’s oldest non-profit eye health and safety organization, Prevent Blindness America, will walk through the halls of Congress during their 6th Annual Eyes on Capitol Hill event. Eyes on Capitol Hill is the organization’s spring advocacy campaign that promotes vision and eye health within the Federal appropriations cycle. The event is composed of community leaders meeting with advocates and key government representatives on the Hill, a national call-in day to Members of Congress and the Congressional Vision Caucus Reception.

Those who have experienced  any type of vision issue including, but not limited to eye disease, an eye accident, or the eye health of a loved one are urged to call-in today. By sharing your testimonial and/or concerns regarding eye care with your Congressman or Senator the message will be sent that eye health programs and funding needs to be expanded.

For more information on how you can give a voice to vision during the Eyes on Capitol Hill call-in visit the Prevent Blindness America website.