5 Ways to Prepare for Back-to-School Shopping

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Believe it or not, it’s possible to have an enjoyable back-to-school shopping experience. If you shop smart, there’s no need for you to spend a fortune on new clothes and school supplies. These tips will help you avoid the stress of back-to-school shopping, so that you and your kids can enjoy the trip together.

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Set a Budget

Setting a budget before you head out will make purchasing everything you need much easier. Plus, you won’t have to worry about overspending. Scholastic recommends trying to involve your kids when preparing your budget. This will help them understand why you’re not purchasing a particular item if it’s too expensive.

Steer Clear of Expensive Brands

Avoid spending your money on trendy items that young children can easily lose or break. Your kids may even decide they no longer like something when they return to school and see their friends with a different model or brand.

Purchase Office Supplies

Instead of purchasing products designed specifically for kids, purchase some plain notebook and binders. Then, allow your children to decorate these items with fun photos, decorations and colors, suggests Parenting. This is a great way to save money and give your kids an opportunity to express their creativity.

Get Your Kids Involved

Let your kids help you pick out back-to-school items, especially clothes. Having clothes they feel comfortable wearing will increase your kids’ self-confidence. Letting your children pick out items they actually like will help you avoid purchasing things that remain unused throughout the school year.

Write a Checklist of School Supplies

Good Housekeeping has some great back-to-school shopping lists for kids starting kindergarten, grades 1 to 3 and grades 4 to 5. Just print them out and check off items as you go! 

Another important consideration to make while you shop for your kids is their health. For this reason, you might include Real Kids on your shopping list. Our shatterproof shades are perfect for protecting kids’ eyes from UV rays during recess, as well as injuries if they participate in after-school sports.

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