5 Fun Beach Activities To Do with the Kids

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5 Fun Beach Activities To Do with the Kids
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Everyone loves a trip to the beach, and no one more than kids. However, children are less content than adults to simply sit and relax on the sand: they crave activity and mental stimulation. Here are a few of our favorite things to do with your kids at the beach to keep them entertained, suggested by the American Grandparents Association.

Kid Activities at the Beach

1. Explore the Beach

Go beyond looking for shells and see what else you can discover, such as forgotten objects, shellfish, and other other sea life. A perfect place to explore is the wet sand created that appears at low tide. Young children will also have great fun walking through this sloppy mud in water shoes.

2. Play Paddle Ball

This cooperative sport is ideal for playing with older kids. All you will need is two paddle bats and a ball. Count how many times you are able to pass the ball back and forth without it touching the ground. Kids will quickly become enthusiastic as they realize that this game gives them the chance to break personal records.

3. Fly a Kite

Always pack a kite when heading to the beach — you may get lucky and have a strong breeze.

4. Draw Pictures in the Sand

The possibilities for drawing in the sand are endless. For kids just learning to read and write, you can use the opportunity to practice letters, numbers, and names. Older kids may like to play games such as tic-tac-toe. Children of any age will enjoy drawing pictures, and you can even collaborate to make stunning pieces of beach art.

5. Play Beach Volleyball

Make beach volleyball suitable for kids of all ages by changing your standard volleyball for a beachball. This keeps things slow and allows every player to join in. Encourage plenty of running and jumping to tire out even the most energetic kids.

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