10 Easy & Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just about a week away, and if you’re like a lot of us, you still haven’t figured out a costume idea for your children. It’s not too late! We looked around for some easy and creative Halloween costume ideas that involve just one or two clothing necessities or props, some of which you may already have lying around the house. Best of all, they’ll keep your child warm on the last night of October. Here are 10 simple and imaginative kid costume ideas for Halloween 2015.

  1. Risky Business: This 80s film may not be in your child’s repertoire, but it’s a cute and easy costume idea. Find a button-down shirt, high socks, and some sunglasses, and they’re good to go.

  2. Carl UP!: Remember that adorable tie and sweater vest you bought for your child? Here’s another excuse to wear it! Add some thick-framed glasses and a handful of balloons, and you’ve got Carl’s character from Up.

  3. Sushi Roll: For the sushi lovers, this one is easier than it seems. Find an all-white sweatshirt, a green hat, and a salmon stuffed pillow to attach to their back, and your little sushi kid is ready to roll.

  4. Ninja Turtle: Got a spare trash can lid? Then, you’ve got yourself a shell. Paint it green, attach it to their back with DIY straps, and pair it with a green sweatshirt, green sweatpants, and a colorful eye mask.

  5. Cotton Candy: Find an old sweatshirt that your kid no longer wears, spraypaint some pillow stuffing either pink or blue, and glue it to the sweatshirt creating a ‘puffy’ effect. Make a cone hat out of white paper, and wala! Cotton candy.

  6. Sriracha: This popular condiment is making its way into kitchens and recipes everywhere these days, so much so that it’s even become a popular idea for graphic tees. Get your hands on one of these (which can be ordered online), and pair it with some bright red pants and a green snow hat.

  7. Smurf: This one’s really easy: white sweatpants, a light blue top, and a white hat, and you can call it a day! If you want to go the extra mile, paint their face and hands blue.

  8. Minion: The minion is a popular one this year. You can pair a yellow sweatshirt, denim/blue overalls, a yellow snowhat and a pair of round goggles to transform your kid into a minion.

  9. Yoda: Because what’s cuter than a mini Yoda? Drape your child in an off-white poncho with a rope belt and green sweatpants. Snag some Yoda ears from the nearest Halloween store, and bask in the Star Wars glory.

  10. Red Riding Hood: Maybe one of the easiest ideas of all, this costume can be achieved with just 2 props: a red cape and a basket. Best of all, it’s sure to keep your kid warm and they can store their candy in the basket.
Beautiful little girl in a red raincoat with a hood. Little Red