Can Reading in Low Light Really Harm Your Child’s Eyes?

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In this blog, we tend to focus on the detrimental effects that sunlight can have on our eyes.  When our eyes are exposed to the UV radiation in sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it can cause permanent damage and vision impairment. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes from sun damage with a simple pairRead more…

Put Your Sunglasses to Good Use This Winter

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The sunny days of summer are behind us, and that means many people have already stashed their favorite pairs of sunglasses away for the season. We tend to get the most use out of our sunglasses during the spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come in handy throughout the rest of theRead more…

What’s the Difference Between UVA and UVB Radiation?

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Anytime you step out into the sun, you’re exposing your skin and eyes to potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are several types of UV radiation, including UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. Although you don’t have to worry too much about UVC radiation, since UVC rays are short and unable to penetrate the earth’s atmosphereRead more…

This Halloween, Say No to Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

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When it comes time to put together a Halloween costume, there are lots of people who go all-out to completely transform their appearance and assume a new role for the night. From painting their faces to wearing wigs, people will stop at nothing to create the perfect costume. In some cases, this includes wearing non-prescriptionRead more…

Don’t Forget to Take your Kids to Their Annual Eye Exam

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If your child wears glasses or has complained about their vision in the past, it’s extremely important for you to take the time to have their eyes examined at least once every year. The start of school is a great time to do it, since an estimated 80 percent of the learning your child doesRead more…