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flexible enough to bend, but sturdy enough to never break.

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Eliminate glare, increase visual clarity and reduce eye strain

100% UVA & UVB protection

Our sunglasses aren’t just sturdy, they’re also specifically designed to protect your kids’ eyes. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can result in serious health problems further down the line including snow blindness, macular degeneration, and even cataracts. By providing 100% UVA and UVB protection, a pair of sunglasses from Real Shades will ensure that your kids’ eyes stay healthy now and into the future.

Sunglasses for kids …and adults

The sunglasses we sell here at Real Shades are designed for a child’s lifestyle. Durable enough to withstand anything your kid might throw at it (literally or figuratively), they’re also crafted for an optimal fit, no matter a child’s age or size. And, while our main line of sunglasses is geared towards kids, we actually carry shades for all ages, including babies, toddlers, teens, and adults.

A comfortable fit meant to last

Real Shades’ sunglasses are sturdy, protective, and fashionable. They’re also extremely comfortable. We believe that our kids should be wearing their sunglasses whenever they step outside, but they won’t do that if their sunglasses are uncomfortable. That’s why we made our sunglasses with high-quality materials that provide kids with the protection and comfort they need to wear our sunglasses all day long.


Designed to Protect. Designed to Last.

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